Turn Your Data Center Power Equations Up-Side Down

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The world's most energy efficient Data Center

  • - 21 MW Data Center in central Stockholm, Sweden
  • - Tier 3 equivalent
  • - Purpose built for heat recovery
  • - Electricity pricing: 5 U.S. cent per kWh
  • - Excellent fiber connectivity
  • - Ready for operations 2018/2019
  • - Bahnhof is in the process of analyzing and implementing ISO27001
  • - Flexible power circuits ranging from 1x1-­ph 16A up to 2x3-­ph 32A
  • - Significant reduction in energy pricing to the customer


Our service staff offers 24x7 maintenance and installation work onsite to support your technical personnel with the following services:

  • - Basic observation of physical attributes on customer Infrastructure; observing and describing equipment indicator lights
  • - Pushing a button or switching a toggle; power cycling (e.g. turning equipment off and on), hard reboot of servers
  • - Verifying power or patch connections
  • - Set-­up pre-­configured patch connections between defined patch destinations (patch fields)
  • - Labelling of customer equipment
  • - Documentation, e.g. scan of delivery notifications
  • - Administration of customer provided tapes: Reception, documentation, shipment or storage in defined storage media/ facilities
  • - Change of pre-­labelled customer provided storage media
  • - Installation of hot-­plug components (break fix; physical installation without switching off or doing any configuration changes to customer’s equipment)
  • - With a valid agreement, these services can be ordered ad-­hoc or be included in your agreement


Consumed power is charged per energy meter installed on all main feeds to a cabinet. Power is available on both floating and fixed contracts for the agreement duration. Bahnhof can upon request provide the customer with a quotation on energy at e.g. a 5-­year fixed contract. Please feel free to elaborate on your requirements on this aspect. No minimum commitment for power consumption is applied. Bahnhof guarantees the lowest price on floating power consumption for data centers in Sweden. This is possible thanks to the Triple Green technology.

Jon Karlung, CEO, Bahnhof AB / Elementica AB